Fast Fashion is a growing problem in the world and at smart school uniform, as a company and a team we believe in investing in the planet, which is why our school uniform is such high quality, our uniform isn’t ‘throw away’ uniform it’s an investment for you and the planet.


Fast fashion is mass produced clothing at a cheaper rate, last year boohoo was investigated by Competition and Markets Authority Asos, Asda over their claims of eco-friendliness, fast fashion from brands like these which over the years have caused a serious environmental issue. At smart school uniform we believe you should be smart with your purchases which is why our school uniform is made to last longer! Testimonials show this, check our Facebook for our latest feedback from happy customers

Fast fashion industry contributes about 10 per cent of global emissions, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a charity that campaigns against waste and pollution. More than half of fast fashion items are estimated to be ditched in less than a year – largely to landfill or incinerators.


Less than 1 percent of clothes are recycled into new clothes, because our uniform is high quality, it lasts for generations. We also have pre loved system in place so if your don’t have use for it anymore then pop it in our pre loved box in our shop!

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Fast fashion is associated with low pay and long hours worked in unethical environment, at smart school uniform, our team of seamstresses are treated with respect and produce the needed amount not mass produced amount.

Better Quality = Better Value