Today is World Earth Day, this year the focus is Investing in our planet which is what we stand for at smart school uniform, we believe in investing in high quality school uniform that is sustainably made. Today we are going to show you some of the steps that we do, to make your uniform a long term investment which helps the planet.

How smart school uniform is made

At smart school uniform, our smart label uniform is made by local seamstresses in the local Stoke – on – Trent area which in return support the local economy and help schools reach sustainability targets.

With our Seamstresses being employed locally, we are supporting the Stoke – On – Trent economy and building a trusted work force.

Our embroidery machines are run from solar panels which converts sunlight into electricity, which means our embroidery emblems are made 100% emissions free, which helps the environment and clean air for families across Stoke – on – Trent / Staffordshire area

At smart school uniform we are proud to say not only do we make our school uniform as affordable as possible we can also proudly say that our school uniform is made to the highest quality, which has been proven by loyal customers purchasing the uniform and the uniform being hand me downs for children attending school, at smart school uniform we believe in better quality = better value.

How we transport earth friendly deliveries

We transport deliveries from each shop via the smart electric van which cuts out emissions and protects the atmosphere.

Our school uniform isn’t imported from abroad, the embroidery is manufactured locally in Staffordshire which reduces emissions from the planes above.

Sugarcane Carrier Bags

Now we are at the end of the journey of the steps that we take to make your school uniform, we are going to talk about the final step, the sugar cane carrier bag.

At smart school uniform we don’t have plastic bags, we invest in 100% eco friendly carrier bags, whilst keeping in mind our passion for long lasting uniform, we don’t want bags that are going to break after 2 minutes so we managed to source strong reliable carrier bags that can be reused and even composted once they’ve worn down! The green world is fascinating!

And that is how we at smart school uniform are doing our bit for Earth Day!